Payroll- where, what, when and HOW?

I know this has been something that you have all been thinking about and we can all thank KYLE for fixing all of our problems! wohoo! thanks Kyle! You will all notice that on the right side of the BLOG, just above “recent posts”, there is a new icon and it says HOURS. This is how you will be recording your hours ONLINE- this will replace our Paper recording that was located in the kitchen of the A-Frame. I will be submitting hours for payroll every 2 weeks on the Tuesday night so you all need to have your hours DONE by 12noon each Tuesday for the week ahead. It is your responsibility to complete your payroll and make sure that you complete the entire week before you hit “send”.

This is great for me, as I will be able to access all of your submissions online and be able to do payroll from the comfort of my own office- a.k.a. living room. The other great thing about having you fill out your hours on the BLOG, is that you HAVE to check the blog if you want to get paid! haha sneaky way to get you all to check the blog! like it so far?
You will notice on the submission form that the hours you should be logging in for an evening training session, a training day at home or a home race as well as an away race are clearly outlined. If you are coaching Highschool racing and/or helping with the highschool day time races, please indicate the hours under notes so I know which hours to charge to the GE account. Lastly, under notes, make sure that you indicate which race you drove to and where you drove- as always please do your best to save the club some $$$ by carpooling- that is what managers/coordinators are for! Plus wouldn’t you rather catch some snoozes on the way up and home from a race as opposed to have to put some mileage on your own car?

I think that the payroll portion is pretty self- explanatory BUT if you have any questions, leave a comment here and I’ll answer. I will also post under “docs to go” the periods for payroll (day I have to have payroll submitted by and your pay day) this will help if you want to fill in your hours ahead of time.A reminder that it is YOUR reponsibility to fill in your hours and that if you don’t… well then it’s pretty simple, the club thanks you for volunteering; you won’t get paid. If I make a mistake and missed hours, send me an email and then add them in under a different day with explanation under notes and I’ll rectify it next pay.

Hope this is helpful for everyone!
Again, if you need clarifications… ask! OH and in case it’s not clear, ask before the day payroll is due!


2 responses to “Payroll- where, what, when and HOW?

  1. I love Kyle, but the short from for wednesday is WED not WEB 🙂

  2. love it !
    so much easier

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