Happy new year!

Thank you all coaches for making this week a successful Christmas camp! We had more gates in the ground at this time of the year than we ever had! I am happy that we were able to session all together for the 1st 3 days of  camp and I was even more happy to be able to witness all of you adding some of our discussion items into your coaching.  Congrats to everyone who participated in Time trials yesterday and today- I saw some great skiing and racing out there!

I wanted to wish you guys a Happy new year and remind you again to check the blog on a daily basis. I also sent some emails out about Highschool racing, set-up crew and the start of programs- so make sure to check your inbox! A reminder that programs begin this week- when coaching on an evening, you MUST be on snow for 6:30pm at the gate cabana.We WILL be doing some sessions from 6:30-7:00pm every Wednesday and Thursday evenings & you will be meeting with your team leaders at the end of the night for 15-30 minutes.

Once again, happy 2011 ALL!


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