Parking, Communication, Uniform, etc…

A quick note to remind you that you SHOULD be checking the BLOG at least once/day from now until the end of the season. There will be lots of communication and you need to make sure you read it frequently. Please make sure that you flip back to the latest post that you read as we may be posting 1,2,3,4 or even more posts per day so you may have more than 1 to read when you log on.

A reminder that GE opens on Friday, December 17th- this means that all coaches and instructors must park in the staff parking area. You must obey the uniform rules:
1. Pants must be pulled up so that your rear end does not look like it’s about to fall out and so that you can walk and demonstrate ski and snowboard skills properly.
2. Keep all those undergarments hidden from sight under your jacket – no visible hoodies, or other garments dangling down from your jacket. Keep your jacket zipped up.
3. Attach your season pass now. You will not be permitted on the lift without your pass.
4. Attach your name badge now – and please don’t add stickers or graffiti.
5. Gentlemen – please either have neat facial hair (Ken Nix has the neatest facial crop that I have ever seen) or be clean shaved.
6. Ladies and Gentlemen – keep long hair tied back and take off any facial jewelery that could be unsafe

Remember, that these rules are in place to ensure that everyone looks professional- not to upset you or make you conform. Please act respectful and ensure that you are obeying these simple uniform guidelines.

Lastly, to re-iterate, keep checking the BLOG often! Once it is posted; you are responsible for ALL the information on here. thanks guys!

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