Tuesday night mentoring/certification

Hi coaches,

After a couple of emails from parents/coaches and after attending a CSCF update over the last two days, I want to better explain the reasoning and value behind the Tuesday night coach training that we are implementing.  Note that this is to help Entry Level (EL) “trained” coaches attain “certified” status within the CSCF coaching pathway.  If unfamiliar with this pathway, a full description of each level can be found here: http://www.snowpro.com/cscf/e/programs/

Depending on the number of participants within this program, I envision that each Tuesday night will allow one or two coaches to coach a “mock” EL training session under my supervision and guidance.  This will constitute their “in the field” evaluation by a certified mentor coach (me) that is required for certification.  Apprentice coaches are also required to be active participants on these nights, however, they have to have passed their EL course before they can put this toward certification.

The value of obtaining “certification” as an addition to  “training” is to demonstrate coaching competency at the EL stage.  Given that our club is primarily made up of athletes skiing at the EL/snow stars stage (JHL, DD, NG, K1), having coaches that are proven to have skill coaching this level of athlete is critical!  If you are an Entry Level (Level 1) “trained” coach and are working this season with athletes and are still on the fence about attending these sessions, I strongly advise you to take part.  Please let Emilie or I know if you haven’t already done so.  This will enable me to continue my planning for administering these sessions.  My email is ibanks@dal.ca if you want to directly ask me more about anything relating to certification and mentoring.

Hope to see most of you this weekend!


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