I have not seen the race, nor am I sure if it will be available on TV or on the internet, but here is an article describing today’s men’s World Cup SG race at Beaver Creek, Colorado.  Apparently it was a tricky set by an Austrian coach and the US team in particular went “BD” (to use a familiar MHRC saying in acronym form) without properly inspecting and they got punished for it.  Point is, DO NOT neglect inspection with your athletes, and teach them in training to inspect courses on their own, thoughtfully and thoroughly.  On race day, inspection should be a 2 way street – where you as a coach, and your athletes can evaluate the course set as a team and together come up with the best tactics to ski it based on mutual experience.  Blindly skiing full-tilt without thinking may not always be the best idea…

On the plus side, Robbie Dixon, CAN, 8th place from start number 1… THAT’S what inspection CAN do!!!



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