A few things, November 19 update

Coaches, I hope you are all having a fantastic week. We are nearing the end of our dryland sessions, 2 more weeks to go. I would like to ask everyone who is able to come out and help on November 28th (last dryland date) to please come out and help. As you know, we normally do some sort of fitness testing, which means that the more people we have to run stations, the smoother the morning goes. Please reply to this post if you are interested in attending & can help out- Remember MHRC $!

Second, If you were on staff least season, you would have remembered that we were fortunate to be receiving a discount at a few stores for ski gear, here is the most recent blog post from Roger on the snow school website outlining the deals you coaches can have access to:

All Snow School staff are entitled to the following local ski and snowboard store discounts:

Corbetts in Oakville
25% off Regular Priced product for the season
40% off helmet – one time purchase

McMaster Sports in Hamilton
25% off Regular Priced product for the season
30% off helmet – one time purchase

Each store has a list of the Snow School staff. Your name must be on that list and you must show your Glen Eden staff pass when making a purchase. We will be handing out the new staff passes at Saturday 27th November’s Snow School training session at the Main Chalet to all those, who are currently certified instructors. Uncertified instructors will receive their staff passes on December 11th for on snow training. If we do not have your paper work in order, your name will NOT be on the staff list, and you will not be entitled to a store discount.

Unfortunately, last season we had a couple of unfortunate incidents involving Snow School staff, who were rude to the store staff, so we are very lucky to have been given this privelage again this season. Please be courtieous and friendly in the stores: remember that you are now an ambassador for Glen Eden and the Snow School

So, that being said, if you need some new gear, do take advantage of these deals!

Third, Reminder of the upcoming training sessions with Glen Eden: please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the session as you will NOT be allowed inside if you are late. Please make sure you actively participate during these training sessions and make sure that you hand in your WHIMIS test at the end of the session to whomever is collecting for the snow school ( they will pass them along to me. I will mark them and this is also how I know that you attended the training and that means I can pay you for it!).

What else…. Hmm that’s all for now. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, you will not find me at dryland this weekend so if you have any questions or concerns, send me an email.

cheers guys



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