Season Passes

Good afternoon coaches,

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for making it out to the GE training over the weekend. Second, I wanted to remind you all that training is a condition of employment and for those of you who choose to act disrespectfully during a training session- you should note that nothing goes unnoticed- so for those of you; you know who you are and consider this a warning. Every season, I get more and more applications from certified and qualified coaches and the competition for a league team is becoming more and more difficult every year, how you carry yourself throughout the ski season and pre-season training etc, certainly contributes to the coaching opportunities that will be offered to you.  I know that everyone’s idea of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon does not include sitting in a training session for 4 hours- but as mentioned above, it is a condition of employment, in addition, you should also respect the amount of hours that the trainers have put in, in getting this training organized for you all.

So, onto the topic of this blog post, most of you who attended training over the weekend would have given in an updated waiver to customer service and if you are a new coach or apprentice, would have gotten a new picture taken. You are probably wondering when do I receive my pass, well folks, good question. You will be receiving your pass at your 1st MHRC on snow training session at GE. That being said, GE is scheduled to be open on December 11-12, should you want to hop on the slopes that weekend, you will be able to pick up your pass down at customer service that morning, otherwise again, you will be getting it from us at the training!

Uniform- 2nd pick-up date… not sure yet, so if you don’t have yours, keep your eyes open for more info about this.


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