The week before Halloween update

Hi Coaches,

Thanks to everyone who made it to training and brought all the required paperwork for contracts & hiring. For those of you who still owe me documents or information such as SIN #s, proof of paid dues, proof that you are licensed & banking information… your last chance to get them to me is this Sunday at 9:30am at the dryland meeting spot. I have to head up at 10am to take a look at the equipment from last season to put in an early season order for this upcoming one, so you MUST catch me before 10am. I hate to be blunt and strict, but note that this is your ONLY chance, I do not want to be running around after people for information, paperwork, etc… If you didn’t make it to training either on Tuesday or Sunday of last week, again your LAST chance to get hired for the season is to meet me at 9:30am this Sunday before dryland with all the information you need for your contracts.

Onto more fun and interesting things- I am sure you all remember how we talked about our brand new “tuesday coach certifying program”, please reply back to this post should you be interested in doing this program. A reminder to all interested coaches that you must commit in attending 5 out of the 8 Tuesday sessions in order to be able to participate- Ian will be tracking attendance- your commitment is on snow for 7-9pm. If you are interested, I suggest you reply back quickly as we would like to keep the groups relatively small for this program.

Uniforms & Passes

A reminder that returning staff- your picture from last season will be used so you don’t have to get another one taken. New coaches & apprentices, you will have to get a staff picture taken for the upcoming season and you can do that from 9am-4pm on Sat & Sunday Nov 13-14, so around your GE 1 training date. Coaches, you will also be able to pick-up your uniform then, more details will be posted on this shortly.

That’s all for now folks, remember to keep checking here often!


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