more info on liscensing…

as mentionned in my previous post, everyone needs to worry about ensuring that they are “liscensed” for the upcoming season; here is some information that was sent through the CSCF email blast regarding entry level coaches and their CEC requirements:

 Coach Licensing Program – 2010-2011 – Update for Entry Level Coaches

The objectives of the program are 1) to encourage ongoing coach education and 2) to encourage coaching excellence at every level in the Canadian ski racing system.

Licensing requirements vary depending on:
– whether you are actively coaching or not, and
– your coach certification.

For active coaches who are Entry Level Trained or Level 1 Certified (old system), updated licensing requirements for 10/11 are:
– pay CSCF membership dues
– sign the CSCF Coach Code of Conduct
– complete 1 day of annual PD including at least 1 hour of risk management content (2 ongoing education credits and 1 risk management credit)

For all other active coaches, the licensing program requires ongoing education credits equivalent to 2 days of annual professional development with at least 1 hour of risk management content.

These new professional development requirements will be reported after August 1, 2010 on member personal pages, accessible after logging in from the CSCF web site. Any professional development activity that Entry Level coaches completed during the 09/10 season that was reported to the CSCF will be considered.

Coaches should be licensed before starting to coach athletes but no later than January 31 annually to remain in good standing with the CSCF.

For more detailed information about the Coach Licensing Program and how to accumulate credits, visit the Professional Development/Licensing section of the CSCF web site.

If you are wondering about certain courses (on snow, in class and online) and what credits you would get from completing them, check out this document (even though it was last updated in 2009 it is still accurate)

You will notice that there are ample “online” courses that you can complete in order to get your certification complete and get you liscenced to coach.


2 responses to “more info on liscensing…

  1. Hi Emilie. I receive all sorts of the mgmt and leadership training through work, including risk mgmt. Can this be counted toward the requirement?


    • Hi Brian!
      Thanks for the message. you would have to contact CSCF to see what they would be able to count towards your credits & what information they would need to count these towards ED credits. let me know if I can help any other way,

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