Most Improved/True sport

Hi Team

I know that the season is over for some and almost for others…but I really need one more favour from you… I need everyone to submit their most improved racer & true sport for their team. So far, I have only heard from the following:

JHL Orange
JHL- Green
U14 cougars
U12 Eagles
JHL – White Team
JHL- Yellow Team
U10 non-travel “Red Rockets”
JHL Team Black

Which means that I am still missing a fair amount of entries. Please submit your names as soon as possible- we need these so we can order the plaques for the banquet. You can find the form on the blog at and by clicking on the “Most improved/true sport” tab and filling out the form embedded in the window.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know

thanks for your cooperation with this!



A few details

Hi Team

Hope everyone had a great last weekend of program! This week marks the last evening training for all teams, so let’s make sure that all of the athletes have a great time! Here are a few details for this week in addition of my blog post last week with the daily breakdown for the next 2 weeks:

  • Racer Evaluations: These should be submitted to your athletes this week. Please make sure to note the ones for anyone absent and we will send these via email.
  • Mileage & Truesport: These forms will be disappearing from the site/blog within the next day or so… I should have all of your submissions by now.
  • Radio Return: Radios are to be returned on Saturday, March 2 between 9-12noon in the clubhouse. A reminder that we did rent radios this year, and it is imperative that we receive them all on time so that we are not given any additional charges. If you cannot make it on Saturday, I would recommend giving your radio to someone else that will be here and can hand it in for you.
  • Uniform Return: AJ & Jenn have agreed to host an alternate Uniform Return date for coaches given that some of you will not be back at the hill after this weekend. The date/time is Saturday, March 2 in late afternoon to guarantee that a supervisor will be present and can return it for you. If you cannot make this date, there will be alternative ones posted for all other snow school employees- be sure to keep your eyes out for this. A reminder that any uniform not returned on time will be charged to your credit card… so do your best to make this weekend’s date to get it out of the way.
  • Banquet: All coaches receive a free ticket to the banquet and I will ask that you tell your immediate supervisor if you are attending or not as we need to ensure we get the right amount of food:) Please let them know this week so that they can email me with a list of attendees from their groups.
  • MHRC Fun Race: I have all the help I need and I confirmed with the coaches that are working- please be on snow for 8am; apprentices too, if you can make it.

I think that is all for now

thanks everyone. see you soon



Hi Coaches.

We ask that you please take a few minutes and complete our online nomination form for our end of season awards. You can find the link here.

Thank you in advance for nominating someone who you think is deserving! This is a very important part of our season and all athletes look forward to the banquet and the awards!


Your awards committee

PDP session- correction

Hi Team

Just spoke with Karson, and there will be no session running tonight but tomorrow night’s Feb 19 session will run as scheduled

please take advantage of this last opportunity to get in some PDP!

thanks and happy Family Day

Week #7 & #8 Updates

Good evening Coaches!

 Happy Family Day! What a beautiful day out there today, I hope everyone has had the opportunity to take advantage of the 3-day weekend! We are fast approaching the end of the season… and every year, it always amazes me how fast the 8-week season goes by. As we make our way to the end of program, I would like to take this time to reflect on our successes for the 2013 season:

–       Our SBX program has once again received some outstanding results. The race team has been competing both in Ontario and in the US and on both occasions, the athletes have achieved some outstanding results! Congrats to the team. I hope you all saw the SBX video that I posted a few weeks ago made by one of the athletes. What a great group! In case you missed it, here is the youtube link:

–       Our Junior Houseleague athletes have seen some tremendous improvement in abilities and race results- we saw that this past weekend with the times in their 2nd timed race! Great job team!

–       Our U10 non-travelling athletes had the opportunity to participate in 3 inter-club races & they all had a blast!

–       Our U12, U14, U16 & U18 athletes have all done a fantastic job adapting to the new racing program and have all achieved some great results! 

Whew! What a great season thus far! And it is not yet over! I have been receiving some questions about program end dates and other happenings in the next few weeks so I thought I would combine a week #7 & #8 update into one, here is what planned for the next 2 weeks:

Week #7

Monday, Feb 18:Today! Happy Family Day! Session this evening with Karson at 7pm on Effective course setting- meet at the A-Frame.

Tuesday, Feb 19: TNT adults training night- plan is a full gate SL and a stubbie SL down t-bar lane, set banner down the side and no nets necessary. LAST session with Karson on coaching tactics for the U16 & U18 athletes- starts at 7pm- meet at the A-Frame.

Wednesday, Feb 20: GS Training for U16 & U18 athletes. Set-up crew, we will be setting the course down our regular lane… please set banner and 2 blue nets in the finish along with a red B-net on the tower for safety. 1 GS course will be set for all.

Thursday, Feb 21: GS training for all athletes U10-U14. U10 & U12 athletes will be having some fun in the gates while the U14 athletes will be training for the finals this upcoming weekend. Set-up crew, please set 2 GS courses on our regular race lane- 2 blue nets at the bottom and banner down the side. You can set the GS for the U14 inside the tower and the GS for the U12 & U10 outside the tower.

Friday, Feb 22: Extra Training scheduled for U14-U18- we will be training GS at Home.

Saturday, Feb 23: Theme day: Halloween! We have a full day planned of activities relating to the theme of Halloween for all U10 & U12 athletes! All JHL will also be participating in the morning! I encourage all coaches to dress up . This will be the last Saturday training day for all.

Sunday, Feb 24: U18 are at home training, Stay tuned for more details from your coach/coordinator. Coaches are Rick & Scott.

*** All U14 & U16 athletes will be away racing at Finals. Please refer to your tab for details on locations, etc..

Week #8

Monday, Feb25: No Programs

Tuesday, Feb 26: Last TNT sessions & there will be a GS timed event to celebrate the last day. Course will be set down our regular race lane, Will will be in charge of timing.

Wednesday, Feb 27: Last U16 & U18 training day. SL stubbie DUAL course will be set so athletes can enjoy racing each other. Set-up crew, please set banner down old-t-bar lane.

Thursday, Feb 28: Last U10-U14 training day. Stubbie SL courses will be set so athletes can enjoy racing each other. Set-up crew, please set banner down old-t-bar lane.

Friday, March 1: No Friday training

Saturday, March 2: Family FUN DAY. I will need 4 coaches to come out and help me set for the day, preference will be given to the coaches that have experience running races as we need to operate the timing system, etc…Please email me if interested. 

 A few other reminders:

–       Evaluations are due on the last day of program, please speak with your training group leader regarding when they would like to review them.

–       Banquet is the first weekend of April, a reminder that all coaches are invited! If you would like to bring a +1- you will need to purchase a ticket for them, more details coming out soon about how to do this.

I think that is all for now

Thanks so much for all your hard work. As always, let me know if you have any questions



WEEK #6 Update

Greetings coaching team

Hope everyone enjoyed the snowstorm we had at the end of last week- it is pretty obvious that winter decided that it is here to stay! Good for us- always nice to have a little powder to ski on!

We have a few things happening this week so read below for a detailed daily update:

Monday: n/a

Tuesday: Tuesday Night Adults Program. Dual SL is the plan for a set- I recommend setting down old-t-bar lane it makes coaching easier and a more consistent fall line to train on. No nets are needed at the bottom, just a banner on the side of the lane.

Wednesday: Both U16 & U18 athletes will be training Full gate GS. If there is enough snow on the ramp, I would recommend setting off it. Set-up crew, we will be setting down our regular race lane, so please set the banner and nets (bottom & Tower).

Thursday: U12/U10 racers will be training Full Gate GS whereas U14 athletes will be training full gate SL. Both courses will be set on our regular racing lane. Set-up crew, please set wide so you can fit 2 courses in.

Friday: U10 GS training at home- Extra Friday training. Please register on the website at

Saturday: JHL will be having their second fun race. U10 (non-travel) will take part in the JHL race. In the afternoon, we will set  coaches’ request on our regular race lane.

Sunday: We are hosting a U12 GS race. U16 & U18 athletes will be training coache’s request in the afternoon- freeskiing in the morning. U14 panthers will also be training at home.

Wishing everyone a great week in racing!

See you on snow


Nordica rep

A reminder that the Nordica rep will be at the hill tonight and tomorrow with a cross section of race skis for our racers/coaches to demo. Don’t forget to take advantage of this! Cheers

Subs & Notice

A few reminders about subs:

  • It is your responsibility to find one.
  • You must email the change in coaches to your immediate supervisor and CC myself on the email.
  • It is your responsibility to confirm with the coach that is covering for you
  • If evaluations are to be handed out that week and you are missing it- you MUST make sure that you connect with your replacement in order to ensure that the evaluations are made available to him/her and handed out on time.
  • All coaches were emailed a Contact list at the start of the season, the contact list has names, phone numbers and emails for the entire staff team. I encourage you to contact people ahead of the week that you need coverage for.
  • JHL coaches: there should be 2 coaches per team which means that if you have a coaching/racing conflict- you must find an alternate coach to fill in for you regardless of if your co-coach will be present or now.

Thanks to everyone for your attention to this.

Week #5

Good afternoon coaching staff team!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I had the opportunity to get away to the U18 race this weekend and I had a blast. I heard from most of the teams and it looks like another successful racing weekend under our belt- great job team!

We have officially passed the halfway mark to the season! Wohoo! At this time, we tend to observe/notice some fatigue in athletes, therefore, I ask each and every one of you to make sure you are keeping a close eye on this during the training sessions. If you find everyone’s focus is off, take the advantage to go inside and watch a video, review the last race or do some cool down or free skiing out of the course. Thank you for your attention to this.

As mentioned this week, please provide us with some feedback on the evaluation template for the athletes- any changes you would like to see for next year, please let us know so we can make a note of it now and ensure that the next template reflects your comments & suggestions! Once again, a big thank you to Dave for enhancing the eval- great job! We will be using the exact same template for the end of season evaluation- so if you are keen and you want to start populating some of the info as we enter the next few weeks so you can be ready to hand them out on week #8- please do so!

Here is this week’s breakdown:

Monday: HS Racing- Marija & Jacob

Tuesday: TNT Adults Timed evening. GS Course to be set down our regular lane with full fencing at the bottom. Will P will be there to run the timing.

Wednesday: GS training for both U16 & U18 athletes. Set-up crew; please set the banner down our regular racing/training lane. Please set the banner wide away from the tower so we can try to set 2 courses, one in the inside and one on the outside of the tower. Please set a B-Net on the tower for safety.

Thursday: We will be training Stubbie SL for the U12/U10 & Full gate SL for the U14 racers. Please set down Old-T-Bar Lane and set wide enough to fit both courses in. Set-up crew; please use one of the small blue nets to net separate finishes at the bottom of the race course but you do not need a net at the very bottom for the exit. Apprentices- you will be in a session with Chloe.

Friday: U14, U16 & U18 Full Gate SL extra training at Glen Eden & coaches are Scott & Chloe. I am looking for another interested coach from the above age group interested in coming out? Numbers have been rather high for Friday trainings lately and 3 coaches will be necessary to help set the courses.

Saturday: U12 Kestrels & Eagles are home & JHL. Plan for the day will be as follows: 2 courses to be set on old-t-bar lane.

–       Morning: GS course for JHL & Stubbie SL for the U12

–       Afternoon: Re-set (coaches’ choice) for the U12 with a hope to get perhaps the portable timing set.

Sunday: U14 Cougars are at Home. Full Gate SL will be the discipline of training.

That’s it for now! Have a great week everyone. Please note that I will not be at the hill on Thursday but will be available via email or phone for questions or emergencies as I am having minor surgery.



New CSCF Video- Picket Fence drill twist

Hi Team. What a great video from the CSCF using a drill that we have all seen done before:) Enjoy